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Meet VIReC, The Researcher's Guide to VA Data:
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EHRM Resources:

VA/CMS Data for Research Project: Data custodian for CMS and USRDS data for VA research.

Factbooks: Describe tables, columns, and values in select CDW Domains.

Research User Guides: Detailed information on select data sources, including variable descriptions.

The Researcher's Notebook: Practical information on using data from researchers in the field.

Cyberseminars: Expert discussion and guidance on key issues related to using VA data.

Quick Peek Videos: Short demonstrations on various aspects of VA data or VA data resources.

Data Reports: Technical reports, data investigations, data reviews, and data quality updates.

Summary Information: Current and historical information about dataset variables, counts, and frequencies.

Publications: A complete list of peer reviewed articles and journal supplements published by VIReC.