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VIReC provides a service for researchers using VA data by compiling and disseminating information about the quality of VA data as it relates to specific applications in research. VIReC also conducts investigations of the quality and research utility of high-value VA data. VIReC Data Quality Updates and Technical Reports provide information and guidance on issues relating to data quality parameters such as completeness and validity as well as the suitability of specific data for research.

VIReC welcomes the submission of data quality reports from VA HSR&D researchers for consideration of posting on the VIReC website.

Research Utility

VIReC has produced reports on the following topics to assist researchers in understanding the strengths and limitations of VA data for research.

Resources for Researchers

  • VIReC's Data Quality References Workbook lists and groups select peer reviewed articles related to data quality by topic and data quality dimension. Full citations and article summaries are provided from 1991-2012.

  • VIReC's "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)" page provides quick answers to common questions about the quality of VA data.

  • Data validation reports on NPPD data – Questions related to these reports should be addressed to the report's contact author. While VIReC did not play a role in these studies, participate in writing or editing these reports, we are pleased to make them available on our Intranet to researchers seeking information about NPPD data.

    • Winkler, Sandra L et al. Assessment of the National Prosthetics Patient Database: Preliminary Study of Validity.

    • Winkler, Sandra L et al. Data Cleaning Strategies for VA National Prosthetics Patient Database Assistive Technology Data.