The Researcher's Guide to VA Data

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VIReC develops resources for and provides guidance to VA researchers using VA data.
Our mission is to improve the quality of VA research that utilizes databases and information systems.

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New CDW Domains

  • Inpatient 2.0
  • Allergy

DSO Name Change

The Decision Support Office (DSO) is now the Managerial Cost Accounting Office (MCAO).

New Resource for Veteran Cause of Death Data

Cause of death data for Veterans is now available from the Suicide Data Repository.

star iconVIReC Highlights

New Risk Adjustment Tutorial

Learn about calculating a comorbidity index for use as a risk adjustment in observational healthcare studies.

Good Data Practices 2014

Starting May 8! Learn about planning for data use throughout the lifecycle of a research project in this VIReC cyberseminar miniseries.

VA REDCap Data Tool

This free application provides a user friendly means to electronically capture data.

New Summary Documentation

  • Medical SAS – proc contents, frequencies, historical variable attributes
  • CDW – data contents, frequencies, sample records
  • Historical Clinic Stop Codes

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toolbox icon VIReC Resources

Research User Guides: Detailed information on select data sources, including variable descriptions.

Working with VA Data: Information about VA data sources, topics, and tools.

Data Reports: Technical reports, data investigations, and data quality updates.

Summary Information: Current and historical information about dataset variables, counts, and frequencies.

Publications: A complete list of peer reviewed articles and journal supplements published by VIReC.

Tutorials: Step-by-step instruction on accessing and using select VA data and information systems.